Flea & Tick products, Food For Thought

Just like humans, dogs with sensitive skin can have uncomfortable reactions to certain medicines, no two dogs are the same and its particularly becoming more common in white and or dogs with allergies.
Flea and tick medicines contain insecticides that can be toxic if not applied correctly, if applied in larger doses than are safe, or if they are accidentally ingested.
Most products used to eliminate fleas and ticks are topical applications and are applied to the back of the neck.
It is important to use some form of prevention as not only do fleas and ticks cause intense itching and skin irritation, but they can also transmit various diseases like tapeworm, and Lyme disease.
It is normal during the first 12-48 hours after spot on treatment is applied to your dog for them to experience a mild level of discomfort in the form of numbness, redness, or itching, this usually subsides quickly and can disappear completely over time. The reason redness and mild irritation occurs is because the topical spot on is working its way into the sebaceous glands of your dog’s skin where it will be the most effective in providing flea prevention. These reactions are more common in small, young, old, sick, debilitated, and more recently white and or dogs with allergies.
Symptoms can vary depending on the type of reaction the dog is having.
Extreme sensitivity
Respiratory distress
Excessive salivation
Paw flicking
Ear twitching
Muscle tremors
If they are having a noticeable reaction to topical medication,  including obvious pain or even hair loss, wash off the product immediately.
To test to see if a dog is sensitive to conventional treatments apply a small amount just above a pad on the underside of feet. within a few hours if sensitive the skin will be red and or the dog will display some mild irritation symptoms.
If you have not considered natural prevention then as we approach the warmer months now is the right time.
There are many different natural products which can be added to food or applied to the skin directly, if you require any advice please feel free to contact us.

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