Natural Solution For Diarrhoea

Dogs & cats can suffer loose stools for a number of reasons, those fed on kibble can poo numerous times during the day. Kibble can contain high amounts of fibre (sugar beet) and fillers which can be the cause of poo mountains. Kibble fed pet’s poo is often smellier due to some of the nutrients which they are unable to absorb and can cause poo to be runny. Raw fed dogs & cats usually poo less and smaller quantities with a firmer consistency. Despite the diet it’s common for our pets to suffer from the occasional upset stomach. Soft poo with no blood or mucus is quiet often down to a change of diet, new topper being added or they’ve eaten something they shouldn’t have. If your pet is otherwise healthy, is not displaying any abnormal behaviour and drinking offer a plain light meal, no dairy or eggs. To the meal add 1 teaspoon per 10kg’s of BB Herbal Stool Firm powder which is a fast acting natural remedy for upset stomachs and or diarrhoea. Continue to feed a plain diet adding stool firm powder for 3 days.
When to consult a vet, (take a poo sample with you)Blood or mucus in stools, High temperature, Lethargy, Or after 3 days of feeding a bland diet and adding stool firm powder.
Contains, slippery elm, marshmallow root, white poplar bark & kaolin.

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