Interdigital Cysts

Interdigital cysts in dogs are becoming quite common and more so in certain breeds. Cysts (a fluid filled sac) occur between the toes and can be painful. One of the most common causes of dogs developing cysts is because they have a bacterial infection that’s deeply embedded in the tissue found in between their toes. Dogs will lick and chew at the affected area of their foot which makes the condition that much worse. The reason dogs are more prone to developing cysts between their toes is because the hair that grows in the webbing can easily get pushed back into the hair follicles. When hair gets trapped in skin, it can cause an inflammation which can then lead to a bacterial infection flaring up. Occasionally, a foreign object such as grass seed might have become embedded and sometimes may require a surgical procedure to remove. Low immune system is a common reason this can be caused by repeated infections, poor diet, allergies, illness or antibiotics, an infection can only establish itself when the immune system isn’t functioning correctly. A dog can look healthy and be active, but still have a low immune system. Digestive problems are a common after antibiotic use. The more infections a dog gets the longer it takes to recover, the more medications, the more pressure on the immune system. It’s always worth looking for the root cause to find a solution to the problem. Antibiotics and steroid creams are usually the first conventional treatments prescribed.
Natural treatments are available and some work well. Epsom salts although a rather lengthy procedure has no side effects and can be effective, soak the paw in warm water with epsoms’ salts for 10 mins twice a day, Sulphur made into a paste and applied to the cyst each night. Coconut oil as above BB Herbal Cyst destroyer apply 1 drop to the cyst each night.
If a dog is licking the cyst, this must be stopped, no matter what you use it will never work if the dog keeps licking the area and also to avoid infection. Socks and or a collar are essential. In the event that a cyst burst clean with colloidal silver liquid twice daily. Always look for the root cause of the problem.

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