Fireworks survival guide

Before night sets in: If you know fireworks are coming, try doing all the usual things BEFORE it gets dark. That means making sure all walks and exercise activities are done, they have eaten and where possible they have done their toilet business.

Ensure your pet has a safe place to go if required, a crate with a cover, under the table or behind a sofa.

Avoid turning off all lights because the flashes of the fireworks in the night sky will alert your pet to danger. Keep lights on and curtains closed.

Create background noise for your pet. Use familiar and soothing sounds like a radio station, a fan, the dryer or TV.

Prepare the safe place or bed by sprinkling a small amount of BB Herbal Dry Shampoo or spraying the BB Herbal Furbreez, on the bedding.

Invest in a thunder shirt, or use a scarf or tight fitting tee shirt to create an anxiety wrap. For some dogs, being cosseted this way really helps with stress

If using the BB Herbal Anxiety Drops, half an hour before dark apply 1 drop to the tip of each inner ear, 1 drop to bridge of nose and 3 drops under chin, these can be topped up as required.

If using the BB Herbal Calm Drops, these can either be given orally direct on to the tongue or if preferred either by a soaked treat or a little piece of their food. Use the dosage guide supplied on the bottle but, again these can be topped up as required.

BB Herbal Dry shampoo or even the BB Herbal Furbreez can be used to massage, sprinkle/spray a small amount around the neck and base of the tail, massage in a circulation motion. 

When darkness has set in add 1 Calming Blend BB Herbal wax melt to a traditional or electric burner, place burner on a heat proof surface away from small children and animals, do not leave naked flames unattended. Once melted the wax is very hot so do not move until cold and set.

Or if you have one, turn on your BB Herbal Plug-in Diffuser with Calming refill.

Calming treats can be given to distract attention during the evening.

Most of the above items can be purchased as part of the versatile BB Herbal Calm Pack

 ***Please note organic or artificial fragrances are not suitable for homes with caged birds and must not be used****

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