Meet the animals behind the humans

Head of security

Name, Loops AKA The Cranky One

Age, 9.5 years

Breed, Bulldog

Born, West Sussex

Motto: If ya names not on the list do one Spends the day, telling off delivery drivers or couriers and can be found having 40 winks on her sofa in the office.

Self Appointed Chief Tester (food or treat related)

Name, Frank AKA EF Get Down Frank, Mr Needy!

Age, 5.5 years
Breed, Bulldog (CNR)
Born, Up North, Rescued by The Edward Foundation at 18 months, came to us as a foster and never left.
Job title, Self Appointed Chief Tester (food or treat related)
Motto, Its my way or I’m laying down
Spends the day, Mooching, trying to get in the shop, generally getting in the way, sniffing, wandering or walking miles.

Head Of Entertainment (usually his own)

Name, Sprout
Age, 2.5 years.
Breed, Persian.
Born, West Sussex.
Motto, If its asleep stick a paw in its face
Spends the day, Winding up The Cranky One, climbing legs, loosing his fish and screaming at spiders.

Boxer Dog

Customer Support/SALES ASSISTANT

Name, Womble

Age, 1 year.

Breed, Boxer

Born, Kent


If it’s not awake, it should be!



Rainbow Bridge

Name, Mouldy

Age, 2015 to 2020

Breed, Bulldog

Born, Hungary



Rainbow Bridge

Name, Bert

Age, 2006 to 2017

Breed, Boxer

Born, Essex



Rainbow Bridge

Name, Mollie

Age, 2008 to 2010

Breed, Boxer

Born, Kent