Eco friendly courier packaging

Wool Courier packaging

You will notice a difference when you next receive a courier raw food delivery from us!

In place of the polystyrene containers we have been using in the past we have now changed over to wool liners.

As we have all seen landfill has been a massive problem for a great many years and it has always been our goal that as soon as we had the opportunity to make the change we would do so and that time is now.

However as with most alternative solutions cost can be a barrier to doing the right thing and we as a company don’t want to pass on the additional costs, so with this in mind we have set up a pay back scheme for you, our customers. 

When you receive our packages please do not throw away or re-use for any other purpose the wool liners.

When you have at least 4 or more wool liners (there’s two in a box), let us know and we will send out an empty courier bag on your next order then simply roll up your liners and pop them in the bag (minimum 4) and just let us know when it’s convenient for them to collect and we will do the rest.

And for your inconvenience and help we will reward you!

For every 5 liners we receive back from you we will give you £2 in the form of a coupon for you to spend on your next purchase.

And to make life even easier for you we have added a button at checkout, simply click this when you are ready for your courier bag and we will pop it in your box for you.

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