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Fleas & Worms

As a nation of animal lovers, we are pretty much obsessed with the idea of flea and worm prevention, with most human owners turning to chemical treatments that are freely available at the vets. But how did animals manage before the invention of chemical insecticides? Why do some animals never have problems with parasites but […]

Lymes Disease

I’ve spent the last 2 years managing and treating one of my dogs various health conditions and until recently hadn’t even considered lymes disease, why hadn’t I? Having never seen or found any evidence of ticks it never crossed my mind until a latest round of tests to see how she was progressing identified a […]

Flea & Tick products, Food For Thought

Just like humans, dogs with sensitive skin can have uncomfortable reactions to certain medicines, no two dogs are the same and its particularly becoming more common in white and or dogs with allergies. Flea and tick medicines contain insecticides that can be toxic if not applied correctly, if applied in larger doses than are safe, or if […]