Canine Hyperkeratosis- Furry pads

Canine hyperkeratosis is when the skin on your dog’s nose or paws thickens and hardens.Rough to the touch, this disorder can cause your dog some discomfort. Some  are born with it, while others develop it with age, it’s not uncommon for older dogs to suddenly develop hyperkeratosis.

Unfortunately there is no cure, but there are things you can do to prevent your dog from getting hyperkeratosis. This skin condition in dogs occurs when there is too much keratin. There are two types of hyperkeratosis, nasal hyperkeratosis occurs on the nose area and pad hyperkeratosis occurs on the paws.
Dogs with pad hyperkeratosis may develop hairy feet with dried out yellow callouses. If the skin cracks, an infection may develop.

Unfortunately, hyperkeratosis is passed down through genes and certain breeds are more prone than others.
There are a number of possible causes but monst comonly a deficiency in zinc. Its always worth checking with a vet and blood tests to rule out any other cause.

To manage the conditon use a paw wax on pads or nose balm 

to add moisture and soften the affected areas keeping them supple as possible and to avoid cracking fissures. In severe cases, especially those with excess hard skin, the tissue must routinely be trimmed.