Fleas & Worms

As a nation of animal lovers, we are pretty much obsessed with the idea of flea and worm prevention, with most human owners turning to chemical treatments that are freely available at the vets. But how did animals manage before the invention of chemical insecticides? Why do some animals never have problems with parasites but […]

Using Colloidal silver

Animals can benefit from colloidal silver in a number of ways. Its antibacterial properties make it a great addition to your pet’s diet following an upset stomach. In addition, it can be applied to any cuts or grazes to help keep them clean and infection free. Colloidal silver also helps your pets to eliminate parasites […]

How much should you feed when feeding raw?

Puppies Stick to the below percentages, using common sense to monitor your pup’s growth, activity levels and adjust slightly if need be. Most pups will begin to wean from their mother at 3/4 weeks and be weaned completely at 7/8 weeks. Because young dogs are constantly growing, they need a higher percentage of food than […]